The success story of Franz Schmaus

The success story of Franz Schmaus
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"For almost every illness there is a specific fungus to heal it" - F. Schmaus

Healing with mushrooms - mycotherapy - is one of the oldest and most proven natural treatment method. Its origin lies in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Here medicinal mushrooms have proven effective in the treatment of many diseases for many centuries: People and animals can be holistically healed and the causes of diseases can be eliminated. The effectiveness of medicinal mushrooms is also supported by numerous scientific studies.

Become healthy and stay healthy with medicinal mushrooms!

Medicinal mushrooms help us to become and stay healthy and vital, providing for a vigorous life full of energy. They are rich in valuable nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids. Medicinal mushrooms have been proven in their application for many ailments and - even serious - illnesses: for example, in cancerallergiesdigestive disorders and skin inflammation. Medicinal mushrooms can even be used for typical affluent diseases such as obesitydiabetes, gout, dyslipidemia, hypertension and cardiovascular disease. In Asian countries, where medicinal mushrooms are traditionally applied, many cancers types do not even exist. Medicinal mushrooms also assist us in detoxification. They ensure that our immune system remains powerful and in balance. In addition, they unfold a cell renewal effect.

Causal therapy

In Western countries, symptomatic treatment is most commonly the operative method. Mycotherapy however, aims to recognize the causes of disease and eliminate them. It focuses on understanding people holistically in spirit, soul and body. In addition to alleviating or eliminating the symptoms, this is of central importance. As individual as the causes of a disease can be, so specifically are medicinal mushrooms administered.