A beautiful skin comes from the inside

A clean and naturally beautiful skin gives us a positive appearance. It expresses health and vitality. But the look in the mirror often shows us something different. The skin is dry and irritated. The complexion looks tired and stressed. The good news is: A healthy lifestyle is advantageous for a beautiful skin. Additionally, vitality mushrooms – also called medicinal mushrooms – support sustainably your health. Long-term observational studies from MykoTroph – Institute for Medicinal Mushrooms show how a vitality mushroom diet makes our skin beautiful again.

The golden rules for a beautiful skin

A pale skin condition, impurities with blackheads and small pimples as well as large pores: There’s a natural remedy for all that. Fundamentally important for a clean and pure skin are the four "golden" rules: Drink enough water or tea, a well-balanced diet with a lot of fruits, vegetables and mushrooms, regular physical activities outside and enough sleep. If you want to do more good stuff for your skin, you can treat yourself with a medicinal mushroom diet once or twice a year. Taken as mushroom powder made from the whole mushroom, vitality mushrooms supply our largest organ with a wide range of precious vital substances including amino acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and trace elements. The detoxifying properties of vitality mushrooms are also very helpful for a healthy and good-looking skin.

Helpful vitality mushrooms

If the body is overloaded with toxins, it will also detoxify via the skin. Irritations and a bad complexion are the consequences. The natural substances of particular vitality mushrooms have proven effective. Vitality mushroom Reishi effectively supports the liver in its function as detoxifying organ. It has blood-cleansing effects, contributes to the hormonal balance and can reduce inflammatory processes. Due to that, it has proven helpful against impure skin and acne. Moreover, Reishi reduces the histamine release. This is very soothing for itching skin and neurodermatitis. Hormonally caused skin problems and large pores can be treated with vitality mushroom Agaricus bisporus in combination with vitamin D. This combination can effectively reduce excessive sebum production of the skin. If the skin "flourishes" because of a weakened liver or stress, Cordyceps will help effectively and sustainably.

Healthy guts – healthy skin

Often skin problems are caused by impaired intestines. In that case, Hericium has proven its effectivity. It strengthens and regenerates the intestinal mucosa. This is highly important because a healthy intestinal mucosa protects our body against toxins, microorganisms and pathological metabolic products. This is very advantageous for the skin. Additionally, vitality mushroom Pleurotus is recommended. It supports the growth of the "good" probiotic bacteria in the intestines.


Medicinal mushrooms are available as mushroom powder capsules. MykoTroph Institute advises to take great care in the selection. The so-called "mushroom powder made from the whole mushroom" has proven its effectiveness. Only here are all the active ingredients of the medicinal and vitality mushrooms contained. Another quality feature is the cultivation of mushrooms in Germany in organic quality. Please consult your therapist. Further information on Mycotherapy can be found on www.mykotroph.com or via +49 6047 988530

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