Don’t get caught by a cold!

Viruses are usually transmitted by droplets e.g. coughing or sneezing but also a simple handshake can be enough (smear infection).  It is easy for bacteria and viruses to spread around the organism when

Healthy lifestyle and medicinal mushrooms: A strong duet for our body’s defense

A weakened immune system is a trigger for frequent colds. In this context, the Traditional Chinese Medicine calls it an attack from "external cold”. The risk of catching a flu-like infection is therefore particularly high. There are more than 100 pathogens which can trigger a cold.

The immune system can be strengthened with very simple means. For example regular physical outdoor activities, a healthy and vitamin-rich diet with plenty of fruits, mushrooms and vegetables also supportive are to avoid stress and enough sleep. A working body’s defense can stop the intruding viruses and bacteria on the mucous membranes. Thus, the outbreak of an infection can be inhibited or at least the course of the disease can be mitigated.

Extra power

Our immune system is thankful for every additional support during winter. A great help is the natural power of medicinal mushrooms – also called vitality mushrooms – and their antiviral, antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Medicinal mushrooms are rich in minerals, vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and dietary fibers. Those ingredients make medicinal mushrooms a great support for our immune system.

Coriolus is the medicinal mushroom which is most effective against pathogens of cold and flu. In Traditional Chinese Medicine its effects are well-known: This mushroom was already taken in the 13thcentury – during the Ming dynasty –because of its immune stimulating properties. Much later, scientists discovered that Coriolus contains PSK (Krestin) and PSP. Those two glycoproteins are responsible for its activating impact on our cellular defense. Due to that, killer cells for fighting viruses and destroying bacteria can be produced in larger quantities. Coriolus has proven effective as prevention against colds and flu and as well for supporting a faster recovery.

Further powerful allies are medicinal mushrooms Cordyceps and Reishi. Besides their positive effects on the immune system, they are regarded lung-strengthening and anti-inflammatory properties. Also recommendable is a two to three months lasting medicinal mushroom diet. Thereby, it is important to use certified organic mushroom powder capsules made from whole mushrooms. Only then all the precious ingredients of the mushrooms are contained. Another sign of quality is the note “Cultivated and proceeded in Germany”. 

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