Escape the stress trap

Back to inner balance with medicinal mushrooms

Time pressure, double burden of parenting and career, time pressure and increasing workload: Stress is a constant companion for the most of us. We often make the resolution to pay more attention to ourselves. However, we surrender to the treadmill of daily stress after a short period of time. Therefore, it is good to know that natural remedies like medicinal mushrooms can be a valuable support to get back our inner balance.

Permanent stress can make us sick

First of all, short-time stress is nothing negative. But if stress is a permanent companion, our well-being is heavily disturbed. Nervousness, sleeping problems, concentration difficulties or headaches are the consequences. If we are trapped by stress for a while, serious health damages will be risked. Stress can lead to hypertension, gastro-intestinal diseases (heartburn, gastritis), migraine, burnout syndrome and depressions.

Helpful medicinal mushrooms

There a simple tools to regain your inner peace and calm. Physical activities in the fresh air, regular time-outs and relaxation techniques like yoga or autogenic training can help to recharge your batteries. Medicinal mushrooms are even a more targeted way to counteract the dangerous consequences from permanent stress. This is proven by numerous experiences from naturopathy.

Basic treatment for a relaxed life

Medicinal mushrooms belong to the oldest and most effective natural medications in the world.  In the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), medicinal mushrooms have been successfully applied in the prevention and treatment of many diseases. A diet with Cordyceps, Hericium and Reishi has proven effective against stress if taken for at least three months.

If taken over a longer period of time, Cordyceps can unfold its calming, relaxing and mind-brightening effect. This medicinal mushroom can alleviate and relieve anxiety and states of tension. Moreover, it regulates the adrenal hormones, so that the stressed organism is strengthened.

Reishi and Hericium provide inner peace and balanced emotions. Additionally, Reishi improves the oxygen intake which is extremely favorable for the heart function and the blood pressure.

Hericium strengthens the nervous system whereby it contributes to improved sleep and increased concentration. This medicinal mushroom is also a support when stress-related gastro-intestinal problems are indicated.

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