Healthy and sustainable weight loss

The natural power of medicinal mushrooms helps to reach a lasting optimal weight

Paleo-diet, low-fat, low-carb and so on. Diets are like ten a penny. Diets boom, especially during summer. They can usually help if it's just a matter of some fat pads here and there. Provided you give the body enough time to lose weight. Today, many people just don’t carry around some kilos too much, they carry so much that their kilos are a burden for the health.

The good news is: Experts agree. The best diet is a basic change to healthy, nutritious and natural diet along with a regular exercise program. Then, the body loses weight, especially fat, gradually.

Medicinal mushrooms – also called vitality mushrooms – can help us effectively through specific ingredients. They can help to reach our individual optimal weight and to keep it. This is shown by long-term observational studies from MykoTroph – Institute for Medicinal Mushrooms and also by experiences from naturopathy.

Overweight as a health risk

More than half of all adults in Europe are overweight. Nearly every sixth person is obese. The British are over average with 22% persons who are obese*. This is alarming because overweight is a health risk. It can cause hypertension, diabetes type 2, lipometabolic disorder, gout, thrombosis, cancer or heart attacks. The decision to reduce weight is particularly a decision for a better health.

* Eurostat, European Health Interview Survey, October/2016

Medicinal mushrooms: Powerful dietary assistants from nature

Medicinal and vital mushrooms have proved themselves as ideal nutrient suppliers on the way to a healthy weight. They hardly contain calories, but they are very rich in vitamins, enzymes, ergosterol, magnesium, potassium, calcium, proteins, fibres and unsaturated fatty acids. Moreover, medicinal mushrooms contribute to the excretion of toxins which are released in the weight-loss process. This is important to avoid the feared yo-yo effect.

Important basic mushrooms

Maitake is the allrounder when it comes to support weight-loss. It improves the digestion of fat and is able to lower triglycerides. Medicinal mushroom Cordyceps supports renal activity due to that it has a vitalizing effect which has positive effects on calorie consumption.

Special recommendations for different types

People with fat concentration in the abdomen – the so-called apple types – also profit from the consumption of the Coprinus comatus. This medicinal mushroom contains vanadium which is insulin-like and thus relieves the pancreas. Moreover, its bioactive polysaccharides can lower the blood sugar. This makes Coprinus very precious for overweight diabetics and people with diabetic inclination. The use of Nopal juice (Prickly pear juice) has been proven useful for apple-type people. It has a reducing effect on the glycemic index of food, so the carbohydrates contained in the food are released more slowly.

"Pear-types"– here the fat is distributed predominantly to the buttocks and thighs – are well advised with the medicinal mushrooms Hericium and Reishi. They promote the purification, as well as the regeneration and detoxification performance of the liver. In addition, the Polyporus is recommended for the pear type. This medicinal mushroom relieves the lymph system and promotes the detoxification in combination with the Cordyceps. Moreover, it contains many enzymes that boost


Medicinal mushrooms are available as mushroom powder capsules. MykoTroph Institute advises to take great care in the selection. The so-called "mushroom powder made from the whole mushroom" has proven its effectiveness. Only here are all the active ingredients of the medicinal and vitality mushrooms contained. Another quality feature is the cultivation of mushrooms in Germany in organic quality. Please consult your therapist. Further information on Mycotherapy can be found on or via +49 6047 988530

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