Hypertension is a widespread disease

It is still too soon for an all-clear signal for hypertension. According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, 70 million people in the United States are affected by hypertension. Even 3 to 4 percent of adolescents between 3 and 18 years are already suffering from hypertension according to the American Family Physician Organization. The World Health Organization (WHO) also reports alarming figures.

Worldwide, about one third of adults suffers from hypertension. The fatal thing about it: Although that hypertension can be the trigger for severe diseases, many of the affected persons just don’t know that they are affected. They feel good and don’t have any particular complaints. This is the main reason why too high values are detected far too late. Therefore, it is good to know that there are natural methods which are very helpful and sustainable against hypertension. There are, for example, particular medicinal mushrooms – also called vitality mushrooms – which have proven to be effective in the prevention and treatment of hypertension.

Serious secondary diseases

Hypertension is the leading risk factor for cardiovascular diseases like arteriosclerosis, heart attack or stroke. Moreover, further organ damages could be the consequence of hypertension. This includes retinal damages or renal problems up to renal failure. Permanently increased levels of blood pressure are also seen as a risk factor for dementia (Alzheimer’s disease).

Hypertension is no fate

The underlying reasons cannot always be explained, but experts agree that a healthy lifestyle helps against hypertension. In any case, there must be physical activity and weight loss. Alcoholic beverages should be avoided and stress needs to be reduced. Particularly important is a well-balanced diet with a lot of fresh fruits, mushrooms and vegetables. Natural remedies like medicinal mushrooms can also counteract increased levels of blood pressure.

Medicinal mushrooms support the natural regulation of blood pressure

Vitality mushrooms have proven to be strong allies in the prevention and treatment of hypertension. This is documented by experiences from naturopaths and long term observational studies of MykoTroph Institute, one of the most renowned Institutes for Fungal Medicine in Europe.

As basics, medicinal mushrooms Reishi and Auricularia are recommended. Because of its ingredient adenosine, Auricularia highly contributes to the improvement of the blood’s fluidity and has vasodilating properties. It thereby promotes a good blood circulation and contributes naturally to a reduction of blood pressure and lowers the risk of thrombosis. Reishi supports the oxygen saturation of the blood which has positive effects on the cardiac activity. Furthermore, it reduces inflammatory processes and can balance vegetative-related fluctuations of the blood pressure. Both mushrooms, Auricularia and Reishi, also have cholesterol lowering effects.

Further support

Additionally, the intake of medicinal mushrooms Maitake, Shiitake and Pleurotus has proven to be advantageous. Maitake enables an improved metabolization of blood lipids, Shiitake has positive effects on the increase of “good” HDL-cholesterol and Pleurotus helps to reduce an increased homocysteine value.

All these factors of medicinal mushrooms have a positive effect on the endogenous regulation of the blood pressure. They help that increased values can be reduced naturally until they reach a healthy level.

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