Just ineffective or already dangerous? – Natural medicines are criticized

Alternative, natural medicines are used by more and more people for health promotion and prevention. Moreover, naturopaths and doctors prescribe them for the concrete therapy of illnesses. Medicinal mushrooms, also offered as vitality mushrooms, are enjoying increasing popularity. Grounded into powder and filled in capsules, medicinal mushrooms are considered particularly effective with low side effects,  if they come from serious and trustworthy cultivation.

A recent study now shows worrying results for one of the most popular medicinal mushrooms:  75% of the analysed Reishi products haven’t even contained Reishi! Is this just a rip-off or perhaps already dangerous fraud?  How do I know which product contains what's on the label?

Franz Schmaus of MykoTroph – Institute for Medicinal Mushrooms, has a very clear and easy answer: “If you want a safe product, take organic mushroom powder from German cultivation. The strict rules in Germany ensure a very good quality. They guarantee a really high quality product.” MykoTroph knows the problem with inferior mushroom powder only too well. F. Schmaus: “"At the International Mushroom Conference in Milan last year, we had heard reports of low quality mushroom powder from China. In some Asian products, there was more cereal flour than mushroom substance and sometimes there were no mushrooms contained at all. That such a large number is affected, is an alarming fact. Unfortunately, almost all suppliers still import cheap mushroom powder from China."

Of course, the entire alternative medicine suffers from such black sheep. Allegedly, all natural medicines are adulterated and ineffective. Especially when it comes to serious indications - such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes or cancer - it is important that the mushroom powder used also achieves the desired effect. In addition, of course, every user wants a safe and high quality of his mushroom powder.

To recognize which products are recommendable, it is important to pay close attention to the origin. Franz Schmaus:” Many suppliers sell Chinese mushrooms and then advertise that their products are controlled and packaged in Germany. What really counts, however, is that the mushrooms were also grown in Germany. Therefore my advice: Look very carefully! Avoid products from China and any form of mushroom powder extracts. Always use medicinal mushrooms from German cultivation. Also pay attention to the quality characteristics "Mushroom powder from the whole mushroom" and "Organic mushroom powder" in capsule form. If you have any questions about choosing the right mushroom powder, just call us on +49 6047 - 988 530. "

As more and more customers around the world are looking for trustworthy manufacturers, the situation is almost paradoxical: even though the cradle of medicinal mushrooms is Asia, many Chinese prefer safer products with the quality seal "Made in Germany". This shows how little trust people in China have in one's own domestic production. The German products are of course more expensive than those from Far East. However, since it is about the own health, this investment is well worth it.

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Comment byCraig Mckenley

I was reading some articles about this magic truffles and shrooms before engaging my self for the first time. Like this one from https://www.trufflemagic.com/blog/can-magic-mushrooms-treat-depression/ .They say that it has a very potent effect on the brain and hallucination. Unlike marijuana does it have any medical use? In one article that I've read magic truffles or shrooms compaired to synthetic drugs are very alarming. Also magic mushroom are use on reducing the symptoms of depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety. It can also help people to quit smoking and alcohol addiction. Some studies also suggest the property of magic shrooms/truffles can be useful for cancer patients.

Comment byFaith simuule

Hi , please send me the schedule of international programmes for 2018 to 2019. I woul like to learn and attend

Comment byDaniel Quaternik

My wife suffers from migraine headaches. We were told about the success of using mushrooms. Where do I purchase a quality product? Thank you