Migraine is a widespread disease

"Normal" headaches are bad enough, but in comparison to a migraine attack, they appear rather harmless. Migraine patients suffer from extreme headaches. And often for several days, because a migraine attack usually takes between four and 72 hours. The pulsating, throbbing, pounding and hammering pain is particularly in the region of the forehead, temples and eyes. This is is often accompanied by nausea, vomiting and extreme light sensitivity. The complaints are often so severe that the affected persons withdraw from public life and only feel relief in dark and calm rooms. The good news: By treating migraine with medicinal mushrooms, one of the most traditional and proven methods of natural healing, a lasting relief of the disease can be achieved. This is shown by experiences from naturopathy and long-term observational studies of MykoTroph – Institute for Medicinal Mushrooms.

High number of affected persons worldwide

It is estimated that about ten to fifteen percent of all adults suffer from migraine attacks regularly, at least once a year. In the United Kingdom, around 8 million people have to deal with migraine with women being more often affected than men.

Multiple triggers

How exactly the migraine emerges has not yet been explored in all facets. In addition to certain genetic predispositions there are numerous factors which trigger migraine. These include persistent stress, hormonal fluctuations, lack of fluid, insufficient sleep or an irregular sleep-wake rhythm, cigarette smoke, and excessive perfectionism. Also alcohol consumption, unhealthy dietary habits with hyperacidity of the body and certain foods such as hard cheese, milk coffee and food containing glutamate, nitrites and nitrates are suspected as a cause of migraine. In particular the combination of greasy food with sugar and / or alcohol is considered one of the strongest migraine triggers.

Medicinal mushrooms: Proven in prophylaxis and therapy

The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has known the numerous applications of medicinal or vital mushrooms for centuries. Migraine patients can benefit from mushroom powders, which can provide significant relief in the context of holistic migraine therapy and are also prophylactically important.

Vital mushrooms for basic therapy

Important basic mushrooms in the migraine therapy are the Shiitake and the Reishi. The vital mushroom Shiitake helps to improve the vascular tone - also in the brain. This is very helpful in the prophylaxis of migraine attacks. Reishi develops a regulating effect in stress and exhaustion, promotes the hormonal balance and can bring the emotional balance into a healthy balance. If migraine is triggered by stress, the intake of medicinal mushrooms Cordyceps and Auricularia has proven effective. The Cordyceps is characterized by a strengthening effect on the physical and on the psychical force. It also has a balancing effect on the hormonal balance. The Auricularia supports migraine patients with its blood circulation-improving properties. Very valuable for the migraine therapy is its muscle relaxing effect. It is also recommended to take the medicinal mushroom Pleurotus together with a vitamin B complex. This combination exerts a strengthening effect on nerve metabolism and favors the regeneration of nerve tissue. The frequency and severity of migraine attacks can thus be reduced.

Additional support

The stimulation of liver detoxification and bile flow is extremely important in the treatment of migraine. Medicinal mushrooms such as the Reishi with their high content of bittering agents contribute effectively. Bitter substances help the liver in its important detoxification work and counteract the over-acidification of the body - also a strong migraine trigger. Also the regular drinking of bile tea is an effective support for the bile and the liver.


Medicinal mushrooms are available as mushroom powder capsules. MykoTroph Institute advises to take great care in the selection. The so-called "mushroom powder made from the whole mushroom" has proven its effectiveness. Only here are all the active ingredients of the medicinal and vitality mushrooms contained. Another quality feature is the cultivation of mushrooms in Germany in organic quality. Please consult your therapist. Further information on Mycotherapy can be found on www.mykotroph.com or via +49 6047 988530

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