Report: International Congress about Medical Mushrooms

We, at MykoTroph – Institute for Medicinal Mushrooms – are always interested in spreading the latest research concerning healing with mushrooms.  Every two years, two of our experts take part in the world’s most important mushroom conference.  This year, Dr. Dorothee Boes and Franz Schmaus went to Italy to exchange ideas with colleagues about the latest research results.

Knowledge from all over the world

Leading scientists and renowned therapists from all over the world have presented numerous interesting reports. Many of our long-year observational studies have now been scientifically proven.

It was remarkable that other researchers are increasingly complaining about the inferior quality of mushroom products from China. For us, this is a confirmation that we continue to recommend only the use of "mushroom powder made from the whole mushroom" from German organic cultivation.

New Opportunities

Many of the gained insights give new hope for the therapy of many diseases.  For example, there is a project which is dedicated to the reduction of bee mortality with the help of medicinal mushrooms. The antibacterial, antiviral and immune-enhancing effects of mushrooms are a great alternative to counter the increasing resistance to antibiotics.

In addition, effective treatment options against pain, hypertension, Alzheimer's and dementia, gastrointestinal diseases and cancer were presented and discussed.

The detailed report on the congress can be found here.

Of course, we will incorporate all new insights in our counseling sessions and webinars. The next international symposium will take place 2019 in China.

Dr. Dorothee Bös / Franz Schmaus



Medicinal mushrooms are available as mushroom powder capsules. According to observational studies of MykoTroph – Institute for Medicinal Mushrooms, especially mushroom powder derived from the whole mushroom has proven effective. Only if the mushroom powder is derived from the whole mushroom, the powder will contain all of the effective ingredients of medicinal mushrooms. It should also be taken care that the mushrooms are from certified organic production. For further information, please visit us on


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