Vital and full of energy instead of tired and exhausted

With the natural power of medicinal mushrooms, you can fill up your energy tank

Finally spring is here! Milder temperatures, longer days and the awakening nature lure to a more active lifestyle. Unfortunately, many of us feel tired and dull during that time of the year. The reason is the spring tiredness. This phenomenon often passes by itself. However, more and more people are suffering from recurrent or even chronic exertion, lack of strength and exhaustion. The reasons for this are obvious: the modern performance society places ever higher demands on us. And that in every age. The good news is: The treatment with medicinal mushrooms, one of the most traditional and proven methods of natural healing, can improve our overall performance and vitality effectively and sustainably.

Strength and power from a pharmacy called nature

Medicinal mushrooms – also called vitality or medically active mushrooms – are extensively rich in precious vital substances. For example, medicinal mushroom Cordyceps is really powerful. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is regarded as the mushroom of strength, vital energy, endurance, and willpower. Studies have its regulating effect on the immune system and the hormonal balance. It also counteracts stress symptoms and has a balancing effect on the psyche. With its positive effects on the respiratory organs and the heart it also increases the general physical endurance. Therefore, this medicinal mushroom also promotes performance during sports and ensures a faster regeneration. The Cordyceps also made a name for itself as a natural aphrodisiac.

Effective purification and detoxification

Medicinal mushrooms vitalize and support the detoxification. Thus, Reishi acts as a blood purifier and promotes the excretion of fat-soluble toxins. Medicinal mushroom Hericium stimulates the detoxification via the digestive tract and medicinal mushroom Cordyceps stimulates the excretion of water-soluble toxins via the kidneys. Medicinal mushroom Polyporus is also very beneficial. It supports the lymph system so that the release of toxins from the tissues is initiated. A positive side effect: the skin gets cleaner.

Recommended: 3-months cure with medicinal mushrooms

A cure with medicinal mushrooms over a period of at least three months for general strengthening, for antiaging and for cleansing has proven itself. This is demonstrated not only by the experience of naturopathic practice but also by long-term application studies of the MykoTroph Institute for Medicinal Mushrooms.

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