Widespread Disease Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes is still one of the biggest global health threats in the 21st century. According to figures from the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), around 415 million people worldwide suffer from it. By 2040, the IDF is forecasting an increase to 642 million. In the United Kingdom, the number of diabetic patients is also increasing. The good news: Naturopathy is very helpful and sustainable against type 2 diabetes. Thus, medicinal mushrooms - also known as vitality mushrooms - have proven both preventive and beneficial in the treatment of metabolic disease.

Modern Lifestyle Sins Favor the Disease

The development of type 2 diabetes is characterized by a lack of exercise, a lush and unbalanced diet and the associated obesity. Particularly dangerous: Type 2 diabetes usually develops slowly, often paired with hypertension and high triglyceride levels. Often, the disease is detected only at an advanced stage. In most cases, serious consequential damage has already occurred.

Medicinal Mushrooms Are Helpers from Mother Nature

Natural remedies like medicinal mushrooms haven proven helpful in the prevention, and as a support, in the therapy of diabetes type 2. This could be shown by long-time observational studies in naturopathy, for example by MykoTroph - Institute for Medicinal Mushrooms.

Medicinal mushroom Coprinus has regenerating effects on the pancreas; it also helps the sensitization of the receptors responsible for the absorption of insulin and claims to have a blood sugar lowering effect. Its anti-diabetic properties are linked to the contained vanadium.

Medicinal mushroom Maitake has positive effects on the fat metabolism and the sensitivity of insulin receptors. Diabetes type 2 is often linked to circulation problems, vascular diseases and hypertension. Therefore, regular monitoring of the blood pressure, blood lipids, triglycerides and body weight is highly important. The intake of Maitake can help ‒ even in a preliminary stage ‒ to get a grip on these determining factors.

Strong Duo: The Combination of Medicinal Mushrooms and Nopal

Within the scope of a holistic therapy of diabetes type 2 with metabolic syndrome, the combined intake of medicinal mushrooms and Nopal juice (prickly pear) can be very reasonable. Nopal juice has a lowering effect on the glycemic index of ingested food. The consequence is a slower release of carbohydrates in the intestines and is therefore favorable for a healthy level of blood sugar.

A Balanced Diet and Physical Activities

Both, in the prevention and the therapy of diabetes type 2, adjustments of unhealthy lifestyles are of huge significance. Regular activity and endurance sports, e. g. swimming, cycling or walking can reduce weight and the blood sugar level. Fundamental changes of nutrition are recommended by experts. Sweets and fast food should be banned from the menu, in favor of a diet which is rich in vitamins and vital substances. Perfectly suitable is food which contains a lot of dietary fibers and carbohydrates, for example mushrooms and vegetables. This can help to prevent a rapid increase of blood sugar. Medicinal mushrooms are a good supplement to a well-balanced low-carb diet and diverse physical activities.


Medicinal mushrooms are available as mushroom powder capsules. MykoTroph Institute advises to take great care in the selection. The so-called "mushroom powder made from the whole mushroom" has proven its effectiveness. Only here are all the active ingredients of the medicinal and vitality mushrooms contained. Another quality feature is the cultivation of mushrooms in Germany in organic quality. Please consult your therapist. Further information on Mycotherapy can be found on www.mykotroph.com or via +49 6047 988530

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