Franz Schmaus Story

Mushrooms are my life: My very personal success story

Franz SchmausThe history of MykoTroph, the Institute for Nutritional Medicine and Mycotherapy located in Hessian Limeshain-Rommelhausen, whose founder and director I am, is closely related to my personal biography and success story.

In 1997, my doctor’s diagnosis hit me like a hammer: leukaemia. During this difficult time, I remembered findings about healing properties of specific mushrooms that had been disseminated at congresses in Taipei and Tokyo in 1974. To a significant degree, these were based on the fact that medicinal mushrooms sustainably regulate the patient’s immune system. To complement my orthodox cancer treatment, I thus consumed the medicinal Shiitake mushroom - cultivated and appreciated in Asia for thousands of years - initially raw, later in the form of capsules containing the dried mushroom. Very soon, my blood values began to normalise and I came through chemotherapy without suffering from any of the usual agonising side effects. After two years I had fully recovered.

Spurred by my personal success story and overcoming cancer, since 1998 I dedicate my complete time and attention to nutritional medicine and mycotherapy in order to make knowledge of the beneficial effects of medicinal mushrooms available to people in the Western world. In early 2003, I thus founded the MykoTroph Institute for Nutritional Medicine and Mycotherapy, which informs all those interested in how to become and stay healthy through the use medicinal mushrooms. If you are also interested in finding out more, you are welcome to make an appointment at the MykoTroph Institute or to call for a consultation free of charge  at +49(0)6047 988530. Once a year, we also offer our Nutritional Healing Days at the Institute in Limeshain. Among other topics, we use this occasion to present the latest findings on and experiences with mycotherapy.

Holistic healing

I consider myself living proof of the beneficial combination of Western orthodox medicine and Far Eastern naturopathy. I am deeply convinced of the health-promoting effects of about a dozen different mushroom species which have been an integral part of Asian medicine for thousands of years. 

Their effectiveness is primarily based on two aspects: mycotherapy is a holistic treatment that always focuses on the whole person, not just on the disorder. Apart from alleviating symptoms, it primarily aims at eliminating the underlying cause of diseases.

4000 years of experience and thousands of successful treatments

Evidence of effectivity, however, is not limited to my personal recovery. Inspired by my success, the institute has in the meantime performed minor or major miracles for thousands of people. In addition, we are continuously evaluating international studies concerning mycotherapy. Today, the mushrooms’ various curative effects have been scientifically verified - which does not surprise me, as my knowledge is based on more than 4000 years of experience gained in traditional Asian medicine – in particular Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). These have and still successfully deploy mushrooms in the treatment of numerous disorders, including serious diseases.

A calling to help

The mission of my institute is to compile and analyse this abundance of information in order to make it specifically available to those who seek help. We have made it our task to make this long forgotten knowledge accessible to the public again. We know which mushroom supports the treatment of diabetes, hypertension, allergies, cancer, high cholesterol levels, prostatic issues, autoimmune diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, hepatic and renal diseases and numerous other conditions.   

In the meantime, this calling has resulted in the existence of one of Europe’s leading institutes for mycotherapy. Apart from researching and analysing the curative powers of mushrooms, we fulfil two main functions. On the one hand, we continuously train naturopaths, animal naturopaths and physicians and veterinaries to be qualified mycotherapists. For a list of therapists working with medicinal mushrooms, please call +49(0)6047 988-530 or visit On the other hand, my team and I are available free of charge on the phone to consult and advise on the subject of “Healing with Mushrooms”. We are also happy to arrange an appointment for a counselling interview at our institute. For more interesting information on mycotherapy, please visit our website at

Healing and strengthening mushrooms – ancient and nearly forgotten knowledge revived

Over the past centuries Europeans have jettisoned almost all of their valuable knowledge on natural healing. Thus, much of the knowledge about the beneficial effects of herbs, barks, flowers and mushrooms on mankind and animals has nearly been completely forgotten. In contrast thereto, people living in other regions on this planet have always appreciated and kept the treasure of naturopathy, and make use of it to the present day.  We repeatedly forget that man has only been capable of producing effective synthetic drugs in the last 100 years or so. Before that, all we had was the pharmacy of nature.

We consider Hildegard von Bingen to be one of the most prominent experts in this pharmacy, as is grandmaster Sebastian Kneipp who is said to have handed down this message: “Nature has provided us with everything we need to stay healthy. Why do we forget this so often? “

Of course I don’t believe in miracles, but that orthodox medicine fights the symptoms of disease, while naturopathy counteracts it causes. The correct combination of both approaches is a blessing.