The MykoTroph Institute

Our mission

After overcoming cancer – in which medicinal mushrooms were a great support - I have made it my purpose to make the valuable knowledge of mycotherapy available to a wider public in Europe. To me it seems that life cannot be more meaningful than to reintroduce such an effective, causal therapy that is mostly free from side effects to a world that has nearly forgotten this knowledge at least since the Middle Ages.

A competent and dedicated team

Of course, it takes more than just one person to master such a Herculean task. Consequently, I am very grateful to my team at the MykoTroph Institute for its total daily commitment in helping me to carry this precious knowledge further into the world.


One of the main functions of the MykoTroph Institute is offering advice. Consequently, we profoundly and individually inform people who are looking for wholistic, natural therapies and those who have already been given up by orthodox medicine. You can be sure: we will take a lot of time for you.

Our beloved pets

Since mycotherapy is so effective for human beings, we also began treating animals with medicinal mushrooms over the past years, and with exceptional success. Our beloved pets and other animals benefit greatly from mycotherapy. An experienced animal naturopath at our institute is available for more information and individual counseling.

Research & science

Another important function of the institute is the research on the effectiveness and application of medicinal mushrooms. In the process, the institute evaluates scientific studies from all over the world and collects reports on experiences from holistic medicine and naturopathy. Combined with traditional knowledge, the findings of the latest scientific studies and our own experience, we continuously produce new publications. People thus regain access to this formerly lost, valuable knowledge. Not least through our institute’s unstinting research and information efforts, mycotherapy is increasingly regaining ground in domestic naturopathy and holistic medicine.

Verified findings for your preventive health care and recovery

Based on my personal story, which you have already read, on the abovementioned abundance of experience from Traditional Chinese Medicine and naturopathy, on the comprehensive knowledge gained through international studies and on the very large number of successful treatments, we are able to make and document reliable statements on the effectiveness of various medicinal mushrooms for the most common diseases and disorders.

Quality assurance for your health

The essence of the institute’s knowledge is mapped in a structured manner and permanently extended by the latest findings. We can thus ensure that the application recommendations made either by our institute or by therapists we have trained conform to the best knowledge available at this time.

Comprehensive information

Of course, it also one of our institute’s key functions to impart the knowledge gained. The demand for information on their use for prevention and therapy goes hand in hand with the increasing interest in medicinal mushrooms. We provide both interested non-professionals and therapists with our pooled know-how within the scope of seminars and information events, through fact sheets, brochures, specialist articles, books, and DVDs.

Additionally, we regularly hold lectures on mycotherapy, its application and the therapeutic options of medicinal mushrooms at medical or naturopathic seminars or at the Institute. Upon request and given a minimum number of praticipants, we are happy to come to your practice, to self-help groups, naturopathic colleges or associations, etc.

Advice & training for therapists

MykoTroph offers therapists the chance for first hand qualification in the fascinating method of mycotherapy. To facilitate this, the institute provides comprehensive training classes that cover all aspects of mycotherapy: from its effective principles according to TCM, its nutritional and pharmacological effectiveness to applications and therapy in the treatment of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, cancer, allergies, gastrointestinal disorders and many others. Single-day courses are offered throughout the year. In addition, since 2014 we also offer online courses. Moreover, we are available to therapists at any time to answer all questions related to mycotherapy.