Alternative Medicine

Learning by experience what is good for us!

Alternative medicine is an integral part of all cultures of the world. It is as varied as its origin in different people´s traditions. If the individual forms of alternative medicine have something in common, then it is a close affinity with nature and a high level of awareness of one’s own body. Factors that promote a wholesome lifestyle - in particular nutrition - always play an important role. We can learn from these traditions for our modern life: being more aware of our body’s needs, for instance, through which we regain our ability to recognise what is really good for us. Any sustainable handling of resources - in this case, our own body - requires personal responsibility. For instance, formerly people would never question the need to observe fasting periods - which have certainly played a role in the prevention of certain disorders like the affluent ailments and diseases so frequently suffered today.

A healthy diet is the key to well-being

The effects of our lifestyle and nutritional habits on our health are still often disregarded today. Even if some of our physical strengths and weaknesses are inherent - in the long run, the continuously regenerating tissue is built from the substances we regularly consume.

Sound tissue can only be built from healthy food. Therefore, we should preferably consume fresh and natural foods that are free from preservatives and additives. Just as decisive is the amount of food we consume: it should be adapted to both individual needs and individual digestive capacities. Healthy tissue can only be built if our body can utilise the food consumed. In our modern lifestyle, digestive capacities are primarily affected by stress. We are likely to feel tired after meals or suffer from indigestion. A healthy diet and a harmonic lifestyle form the basis for our health.

Wholistic, personal and free from adverse side effects

Alternative medicine always considers the entire person, not just the disease. Why does somebody react by showing specific symptoms at a certain point of time? Because the underlying causes vary, one and the same disorder suffered by different patients may be treated with different therapies. Alternative medicine thus not only strives to alleviate symptoms but to identify and treat or eliminate the causes. If, for instance, asthma is not causally treated, it may later lead to skin problems, since the cause of the disease seeks expression in another form.

The use of natural substances usually does not lead to unwanted side effects, as is frequently the case with conventional medicines. Alternative medicine is most helpful in the treatment of various chronic diseases - where orthodox medicine has often reached its limits.