Skin Disorders

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Cordyceps, Coriolus, Hericium,
Pleurotus, Polyporus, Reishi

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Psoriasis, Vitiligo

The skin is the mirror of the psyche

The functions of the skin, as one of the largest organs of the body, are varied. It is used for heat regulation, fulfils its obligations as a sensory organ and provides information on (well)being. It plays a crucial role as a protective shield between the inner and outer world. In general, skin diseases can be correlated with an immune deficiency and/or symptoms of a toxin overload.

Factors that impact skin symptoms are:

    • dysfunctional acid-base balance

    • metabolic waste

    • food intolerances

    • chemicals

    • chronic intestinal dysfunction

    • general immune system weakness

    • psychosocial stress, performance overload

    • mental stress states

    • suppressed excretion of skin due to medication

If skin conditions are present, often the regulation cycle for detoxification is disturbed. If two of the four excretory organs (liver, lymphatic system, gastrointestinal system or kidneys) are no longer in a position to ensure detoxification, the body's skin as the fifth excretory organ steps in. The respective detoxification organs can be supported with different medicinal mushrooms.

Reishi has a strong organ relationship to the liver. It assists ist function as the largest detoxification organ. The polysaccharides in Reishi regulate the immune system and accelerate the detoxification process. Due to the triterpenes found mainly in the fruit body of the fungus, the histamine release is reduced. This, for instance, has a positive effect on an existing itching. The additional intake of OPC capsules in connection with natural vitamin C prevents excessive reactions and amplifies the strong antioxidant effect of the healing forces of Reishi on the skin.

Ms. S. F. suffered from itching and skin rashes. She took Shiitake and Reishi over a period of about eight weeks. The itching improved quickly and soon her symptoms disappeared completely. Ms. F. does not have any more problems today. Also Ms. Andrea Bürger from Münster tells us that the Reishi used for her rash has been very helpful. After taking this medicinal mushroom known in China as the "mushroom of eternal life" over a period of one and a half years she was completely healed.

If skin diseases occur together with an impairment of the gastrointestinal tract, the Hericium mushroom is additionally used due to the erinacine in it. It protects the intestinal mucosa and contributes to its healthy structure. Thus, its protective layer, which prevents toxins, microorganisms or pathological metabolites from entering the body, can be regenerated. If the intestinal flora is impaired, the manifestation of the disease is more intense. Moreover, Hericium strengthens and regenerates the oral mucosa. The Pleurotus mushroom additionally strengthens the intestinal flora by supporting the growth of the probiotic bacteria necessary in the intestinal mucosa.

According to Chinese medicine, vital life energy is located in the kidneys. If this is weakened, which can be reflected in cold feelings in the extremities, Cordyceps sinensis supports this energy and confers endurance, strength and willpower. Among the medicinal mushrooms it has the strongest relationship to the kidneys. It strengthens the kidneys, promotes detoxification through the kidneys and also has a moderating influence on the hormone balance. By increasing psychic energy, it also helps with depression. Mental components and stress can in fact be responsible for "the skin blooming."

The Cordyceps is also used for oedema caused by kidney deficiency. Here a combination with the Polyporus umbellatus fungus is recommended, which is used for lymphatic system disorders. It acts as a diuretic, promotes dehydration and simultaneously supports sodium and chloride excretion and the removal of toxins through the lymph. In contrast to most allopathic diuretics, due to its Polyporusterone, it doesn´t cause an increased excretion of potassium, which is very important for our body.

"I suffered badly from neurodermatitis. 10 years ago, one to two places on the skin were affected, five years ago about five areas and this year then the whole body. Neither ointments, nor UVA irradiation, saltwater baths nor salt and light therapy have helped me. None of it brought me any healing success. Then I took Reishi medicinal mushroom for three months. After just three weeks the healing of wounds began with a lessening of the itch. After five weeks a significant decrease of the allergy was visible. Now there are only two skin sites affected and the dermatitis is 90 percent healed. " Ms. M. F. from Pfaffenhofen

Since, for a beautiful skin, a sufficient supply of vitamins and minerals is important, medicinal mushrooms are a good source for the body, not to mention for regulating the immune system, supporting the body in its detoxification capacity and thus contributing to well-being. Generally we recommend a basic treatment of at least three months – longer is even better.


The effects described are based on the ingestion of medicinal mushroom powder which is prepared from the whole mushroom. Please seek advice from your therapist before using.