Detoxification - Prevention

Mushrooms help nature and mankind

In our modern world, our organism is permanently exposed to numerous harmful substances contained in specific foods and the environment (air, water, etc.), but also, for instance, in cosmetics. Even if the daily intake amounts of chemical food additives and environmental toxins may be minor, in the long run they still stress our excretion organs such as liver, stomach, intestines, kidneys and lymphatic system significantly.

As a major result the intestinal walls develop an increased permeability. Toxins and additives are thus more likely to enter the blood, which in return leads to severe hepatic stress that might e.g. result in allergies. Moreover, a milieu is established in our body that potentially facilitates numerous disorders, because in these conditions free radicals that destroy healthy cells are increasingly produced.

Our general well-being is also impaired by the organism’s overload with toxic substances and pollutants. We experience the need for more resting periods and sleep, states of fatigue and decreased performance capacity.

Pathogens particularly spread inside the human organism if the body cannot detoxify adequately.

Here, the consumption of medicinal mushrooms helps us to absorb toxins or to transform them to less toxic end products. This is because - just as in nature - they support detoxification.

Especially in our modern society, this phenomenon can help us counteract various “new” diseases (such as fibromyalgia, autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue, etc.), as more and more people suffer from symptoms that are related to the excessive absorption or insufficient excretion of toxins.

Medicinal mushrooms are generally detoxifying. However, since certain mushrooms are related to individual organs, we can use them specifically to support our excretory organs:

Liver → Reishi

Gastrointestinal tract → Hericium / Pleurotus

Lymphatic system → Polyporus

Kidneys → Cordyceps

Skin-→ various medicinal mushrooms

The medicinal mushroom Reishi is specifically related to the liver. It thus purifies the blood and particularly promotes the excretion of fat-soluble toxins. Hericium and Pleurotus support the formation of the gastrointestinal mucosa; Pleurotus additionally has pre-biotic properties. On the one hand, this supports intestinal detoxification. At the same time, it serves to reduce the increased permeability of the intestinal walls, which means that fewer toxins will enter the bloodstream. The medicinal mushroom Polyporus works as a diuretic and supports the lymphatic system. This ensures that water and fat soluble toxins are removed from the tissue. The medicinal mushroom Cordyceps, on the other hand, encourages the renal excretion of water-soluble toxins. If two of our four excretory organs (liver, lymphatic system, gastrointestinal tract and kidneys) are no longer able to ensure our organism’s detoxification, the body deploys the skin as fifth excretory organ. The medicinal mushrooms specified above serve to support the respective excretory organs.

The human organism is permanently engaged with maintaining a sound balance: pathogens, external influences (heat, cold, food, etc.), sensory impressions and emotional aspects all need to be processed. All this information and stimuli are processed by regulatory mechanisms such as the nervous or endocrine system. The body adapts to the respective external circumstances.

If the organism is confronted with more input than it can handle, our body becomes stressed. Diseases and functional disorders arise because our body’s regulatory mechanisms are overburdened. The nervous and endocrine system can no longer control the complex internal processes, and we suffer from functional disorders. All medical conditions that arise through or are aggravated by stress are based on these causes.

Russian scientists have found plants and mushrooms that reactivate the body’s regulatory mechanisms. The body is more capable of adapting to stress situations without becoming imbalanced. These plants and mushrooms are therefore also called adaptogens (derived from the term “to adapt”). The functions of both the nervous and the endocrine system are influenced positively, and they help rebalance numerous complex processes within the human organism. However, this can only take place if powder from the whole medicinal mushrooms is used.

This is also the reason why certain mushrooms have such complex effects on our body. In terms of its direct effects on our nervous system, the medicinal mushroom Reishi exemplifies these properties perfectly. While being soporific and calming in the evenings, it also has stimulating effects during the day. It thus enables our body’s proper response to external influences. Reishi directly influences the nervous system and thus makes it switch from relaxation to activity mode - depending on the time of the day. That means the consumption of medicinal mushrooms activates our body’s self-regulating forces required to re-establish its balance. Consequently, it is impossible to say a mushroom only has stimulating or soothing effects, as it might induce both states. The inherent regulatory mechanisms establish the physiological condition that would be normal for the body at that time.

The regulatory effects of whole medicinal mushroom powder can also be observed and exemplified by the immune system: a specific mushroom might help coping with a weak immune system and vulnerability to infections while also being successfully used to counteract immune overreactions (allergies, food intolerances, inflammations, autoimmune diseases). This is further evidence of a mushroom’s non-specific regulatory properties. It allows for treating the underlying causes of numerous chronic diseases as it helps our body regain control over de-railed processes and thus to help itself. The medicinal mushrooms’ adaptogenic properties support our self-regulating forces and thus the healer/doctor/therapist within. 


The effects described are based on the ingestion of medicinal mushroom powder, which is prepared from the whole mushroom. Please seek advice from your therapist before using.