Disorders - Healing with mushrooms

Treating diseases with the help of fungi - mycotherapy - is an effective and completely natural healing method. Its origin lies in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In TCM mushrooms have been and are successfully administered to treat many ailments and - even serious- diseases. In mycotherapy two aspects stand foremost: The person will be healed holistically, the causes of the disease will be eliminated.

Scientific studies

Millenniums of experience in Asian medicine confirm the health benefits of medicinal mushrooms. In addition, there are a number of international scientific studies that demonstrate their medicinal properties. The many positive empirical reports from holistic medicine and natural medicine also provide evidence of the high efficacy of therapy.

Permanently healthy with natural products!

Since fungi are natural substances, undesirable side effects are not extant. Due to the increasing occurrence of chronic diseases, there is a growing resurgence in using natural therapies. Mushrooms contain a variety of nutritionally and pharmacologically important substances. They develop their extraordinary effect particularly through the use of the whole fungus with all active ingredients.

Wide range - specific application

Our body is exposed to a variety of stresses. Additives in food, environmental toxins, psychological stress and little leisure time cause a decrease in our body´s performance.

This results in chronic diseases such as immune disorders, cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the digestive tract and depression. Administering medicinal mushrooms gives us the opportunity to strengthen our body in stressful situations into old age.

A main theatre of operation for medicinal mushrooms is cancer therapy: The immune system is supported in its fight against the cancer cells, the affected organs are strengthened and side effects of chemotherapy and radiation are alleviated. In Asian countries where medicinal mushrooms are traditionally used, many cancers don´t even exist.

Healing mushrooms are also very effective for excessive reactions of the immune system (allergies) and autoimmune diseases. For the prevention and treatment of even typical affluent diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease, obesity, gastrointestinal disorders, gout, rheumatism, dyslipidemia or arteriosclerosis, medicinal mushrooms are used very successfully.

Medicinal mushrooms are most effective in the detoxification of our bodies. Different medicinal mushrooms support kidney, liver, gastrointestinal and lymphatic system function and thus promote the elimination of toxins. This is very important especially for skin diseases, but also for exhaustion without known cause.

Medicinal mushrooms also generally have a strengthening and revitalizing effect. They help us to stay healthy and fit. Furthermore it has been shown that individual medicinal mushrooms even have a very positive impact by decreasing potency, improving our skin or increasing our fitness and endurance in sport.