Recommended Dosage

All animals are individuals and thus react individually. Therefore, it is important to adapt the dosage of medicinal mushrooms to the individual animal and its health situation. Variable dosage factors include the type and severity of the disorder, animal size and the number of combined mushrooms.

The correct dosage recommendation applies to “your” pet/animal only. For more information, please contact your therapist or the Mykotroph Institute at +49-(0)6047-988530 free of consultation charge.

To facilitate easier dosage, medicinal mushrooms are frequently available as capsules. These capsules can be opened and the powder mixed with the feed.

If your pet suffers from poor appetite and you want to ensure that it really receives the full dose, fill a disposable syringe (without needle!) with the powder diluted in a little water, and squirt it carefully in the animal’s mouth. Dogs also eat the powder in cheese, sausage or a banana. Cats prefer fish oil, liverwurst or butter. For birds, sprinkle the powder on top of its food. It can be strewed in the aquarium water for fish. Horses, donkeys, cattle, sheep and goats will eat the mushroom with oats or in an apple.

Medicinal mushrooms should be consumed over a longer period - for a treatment to be obviously successful, a minimum of 3 months should be observed. For severe or chronic diseases, we recommend long-term treatment.