The Meaning of Mushrooms for Mankind

For thousands of years, mankind has appreciated mushrooms´ value as a foodstuff. Today, they still supplement our diet as a healthy and extremely delicious food. Mushrooms are rich in valuable organic vital substances and low in calories. Therefore, they are ideal for losing weight or maintaining our optimal weight. Since “Ötzi” was found it has been clear that medicinal mushrooms were not only used as medicine in Asia but also in Europe - more than 5300 years ago.

Just like nature itself, our body knows that mushrooms can facilitate its detoxification. Mushrooms are able to break down toxins and make them excretable. If our body is incapable of detoxifying itself, it allows so-called “weakness fungi” to enter. The most well-known of these fungi is surely Candida albicans. It is mainly needed to free the organism from mercury contamination, e.g. caused by dental amalgam fillings.

Many therapists believe that “weakness fungi” are to be counteracted immediately. However, usually they don’t seem to even know why the body actually allowed these fungi to establish themselves. They are frequently found e.g. after a chemotherapy, one of the adverse side effects of which is an extreme contamination of the body with toxins. In this context, their appearance is usually rated as a negative event that in most cases is then combated with even more chemicals. Yet the body uses these fungi to support its own detoxification. Consequently, they should not be fought with - and certainly not by exposing the organism to even more - chemicals.

Medicinal mushrooms (pillar fungi) most effectively support the body’s detoxification functions. Subsequently, it needs far less so-called “weakness fungi” to free itself from toxins and pollutants. Even if many therapists (i.e. physicians and alternative practitioners) might find this paradoxical at first sight: the right medicinal mushroom can help reduce the amount of “weakness fungi” in a patient’s body!

The still widely spread unawareness of the fact that mushrooms have detoxifying properties is the reason why numerous therapists are still sceptical of medicinal mushroom treatments.

However, since the antibiotic penicillin - a mould fungus - was discovered by Alexander Fleming, modern medicine too is aware of the positive properties found in certain mushrooms. Immunosuppressants (cyclosporin) are also be derived from fungi.

Based on Paracelsus’ wise saying, “All things are poison, and nothing is free from it. It is just the dose that makes a substance non-poisonous”, homeopathy very successfully deploys remedies even made from toxic mushrooms to our benefit and recovery.

Cultures with shamanic tradition successfully use psychotropic mushrooms to prepare the human spirt for the healing process. Many people do not allow a recovery because they have come to accept their medical condition. The reason is that sickness can indeed be related to positive experiences - from an emotional point of view. Those who are sick enjoy more attention, get visited more frequently and are given flowers or other gifts. Moreover, we are no longer expected to function as perfectly as we do when we’re healthy. This is not a situation exclusive to modern times - shamans have been aware of this attitude for hundreds of years.

Healing might also be prevented by preconceptions like “I don’t believe mushrooms have sanative properties”. If we firmly believe specific drugs, therapies or natural remedies such as medicinal mushrooms to be ineffective before even trying them, they will indeed not be very helpful!

Animals do not have these negative attitudes, which is one of the reasons why medicinal mushrooms are so effective for them.

We therefore ask you to please accept our good advice: be positive, just allow your recovery to take place and try to let the medicinal mushrooms’ sanative forces have their positive effect on your body - even if you have already tried so many things, none of which were effective.

Mushrooms also have harmonising and regulating effects on our nervous and endocrine system. They rebalance the body and support it with essential detoxification activities. Moreover, specific mushrooms are related to specific organs - and this allows us to purposefully use them to support the relevant organs such as liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, etc.. Generally: medicinal mushrooms facilitate the balance between body, mind and soul!

How can you tell if the mushrooms are effective, and can side effects arise? 

In most cases, our body reacts quite quickly to medicinal mushrooms. However, the mushrooms’ detoxifying properties may release the deposited toxins so quickly that our excretory organs are not capable of excreting them immediately.

Mushrooms dissolve toxins which then need to be excreted by our excretory organs.

Especially if our body is highly contaminated with toxins, we might experience reactions that we initially perceive as adverse. These reactions might be diarrhoea, nausea, vertigo, abdominal pressure or skin conditions. However, all these reactions reveal the mushrooms’ prompt effectiveness - and our body’s need for more support due to its contamination.

It is thus most essential not to give up right away if we experience such reactions! Simply give your body more time and reduce the dosage until the reactions disappear. In individual cases, this might even be only half a capsule per day.

Do not overstrain your body - help it to detoxify.

In this context, your focus should be on reinforcing liver and kidneys.

The medicinal mushroom Reishi helps to support hepatic regeneration and the liver’s detoxification capacities. The bile flow will subsequently free the body from toxins. Therefore, the bile flow frequently requires extra support. This might e.g. be provided by specific bile tea. Ideally, you should drink one cup of it before meals. Curcuma has also proven to be very effective. A pinch of it - ideally with some pepper added - should be consumed before meals. Please remember to always insalivate the spices well before you swallow them! However, the bile flow can be optimally supported with an enema of ¾ litres of real coffee. The enema should always be performed without pressure and retained inside the body for about 12 to 15 minutes. Under normal conditions, one enema per week should suffice.

The kidneys can be supported and regenerated with the Cordyceps medicinal mushroom. Additionally, kidney-supporting tea is very advisable. It will be most effective if you drink one cup every fifteen minutes during the kidney-active phase between 5:00 and 7:00 pm. The tea does not have to be very strong but should be hot. If you are prone to feeling cold, i.e. frequently suffer from cold feet, hands or nose tip, you should additionally support your kidneys at that time of the day by applying heat packs. 

If patients show skin reactions such as pustules, therapists frequently suspect them to be allergic to mushrooms. However, fungal allergies do not exist. The reason for these skin reactions is that if at least two of our four excretory organs - i.e. liver, kidneys, lymphatic system and gastrointestinal tract - do not function properly, our body deploys the skin as an additional excretory organ.

Thus, if you take medicinal mushrooms and experience skin reactions you certainly do not suffer from a fungal allergy. Instead, these reactions indicate that two of your four excretory organs do not function properly and need additional support in order to excrete the toxins.

Medicinal mushrooms often take effect very quickly. Therefore, we should recognize that some of our initial reactions might differ from what we have expected. However, any should be rated positively since it reveals our weak points. In any case, never allow these reactions to discourage you. As a matter of fact they demonstrate how quickly the mushrooms are working to solve the problem!

Always increase the dose consumed gradually to avoid any possibility of adverse side effects arising, and always ensure that you drink enough. Mushroom capsules contain dehydrated and powdered mushrooms.

You have certainly soaked dried mushrooms once and thus know how much water they can absorb. The same thing happens inside our body. The more you drink, the easier it is for your body to absorb the mushrooms - and the more effective they will be. We recommend drinking at least 100 ml of water (or another suitable beverage) per each capsule. Since it is advisable not to drink while you’re having your meals, the mushroom capsules should be taken before or after meals.

Whether or not you experience detoxification reactions: if you take three capsules of the mushroom (blend) recommended for you per day, you will feel a significant improvement or be able to verify it via your blood values after a maximum of three months. So, please don’t give up too soon. And remember: mushrooms do not only alleviate symptoms - their effects are causal and holistic! Each medical disorder has its cause, and these causes cannot be eliminated overnight. Recovery takes its time.

Medicinal mushrooms are highly effective in helping our body regain balance and regulation. They activate our self-regulating forces, which enables the body to help itself to become and remain healthy.