Basic information on Mycotherapy


Mycotherapy – Healing with Mushrooms

Millenia old knowledge for your health

Treating medical conditions with mushrooms – mycotherapy – is gaining ground. Even if mycotherapy is a comparatively recent approach within holistic medicine, its significance in our culture is increasing. It is holistically and individually effective.

Knowledge & experience based on 4000 years of East Asian medicine

The origin of Mycotherapy is primarily in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Here, medicinal mushrooms have been and are successfully deployed in the treatment of numerous - also severe - disorders and diseases. Mycotherapy mainly focuses on two aspects: it addresses the entire individual - not only the disease - and aims at identifying and eliminating the underlying causes instead of treating symptoms only.

Individual treatment of the causes

Western medicine frequently treats symptoms only, even though the “comprehensive human system” should be considered. In contrast thereto, Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on the understanding of health. Therefore, mycotherapy generally aims at identifying the underlying causes of diseases. Apart from alleviating the symptoms, this aspect is central. Medicinal mushrooms are implemented just as uniquely and individually as the causes for disorders are.

Integral health thanks to natural products

As a result of the rising number of chronic diseases, we are increasingly tending to draw on natural healing methods - not least because of the growing number of people for whom chemical substances are ineffective. Mushrooms contain numerous substances of nutritional and pharmacological significance. Their extraordinary effectiveness depends on the whole mushroom being used, with all its active ingredients.

Our body is exposed daily to numerous stress factors. Food additives, environmental toxins, mental stress, less free time and many other factors lead to reduced physical fitness. This results in chronic diseases such as immune disorders, cardiovascular diseases, intestinal disorders or depression. Medicinal mushrooms enable us to strengthen our body into old age, even in stress situations.

Cancer treatment

A key application field for medicinal mushrooms is cancer treatment. They support the immune system in fighting cancer cells, strengthen the affected organs and alleviate the side effects of chemo and radiation therapy. In the Asian countries where medicinal mushrooms are traditionally used, many types of cancer do not even occur.

Regulating the immune system

Medicinal mushrooms are also highly effective in counteracting overreactions of the immune system (allergies) and autoimmune diseases. In this context, the regulating (adaptogenic) properties of medicinal mushrooms become particularly obvious: weak defence cell activity is stimulated, excessive immune system reactions are suppressed.

Preventing and treating lifestyle diseases

Furthermore, medicinal mushrooms are most successfully used in the prevention and treatment of typical lifestyle diseases such as diabetes type II, high cholesterol, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases, overweight, gout, lipid metabolic disorders, arteriosclerosis, etc.


Mycotherapy is a great support in detoxifying the body. Various medicinal mushrooms support the function of kidneys, liver, gastrointestinal and lymphatic systems and thus stimulate the excretion of toxins. This is of particular importance for skin problems, but also for obscure fatigue.

Dosage recommendations

Therapies with medicinal mushrooms are intended for medium to long terms. Depending on the respective symptom pattern, it should be applied for an extended period of time to allow the medicinal mushrooms’ holistic effects to unfold. Mycotherapy aims at eliminating the underlying causes of diseases. Once this has been achieved, the symptoms will also disappear.

Mushrooms release toxins inside the body. If they cannot be excreted quikly enough, they might cause reactions such as diarrhoea, nausea or skin conditions. In order to prevent this, we recommend slowly increasing the mushroom dosage. Watch your body and give it as much time as it takes until you can easily consume 1 capsule of the recommended mushroom (or mushroom blend) 3 times a day without any problems. Once this is case, you should recognise positive effects within at least three months.