Nopal Juice

Nopal - also known as Indian fig - is a cactus species in the opuntia family. Full grown specimens of this shrubby cactus plant grown up to seven meters in height. Among more than 370 different species, naturopathy mainly deploys Opuntia Ficus Indica. Essential for the valuable ingredients being generated are specific climatic conditions including intense sun exposure.

Traditionally appreciated

In Mexico, Nopal with its succulent leaves of up to 30 cm in length, is a highly appreciated salad and vegetable plant. However, it has also been used as natural remedy for hundreds of years. Already the Aztec people, for instance, made use of its healing properties. Throughout the last years, Nopal has also sparked the interest of scientific researchers.

Numerous valuable ingredients

The nutritional value of Nopal is to be rated extraordinarily high. It contains large amounts of vitamin A, B1, B2, B3 and especially vitamin C. Likewise it is rich in amino acids - such as arginine, histidine and lysine - and minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium, dietary fibers and pectin. At the same time it contains iron, sodium and manganese. Nopal is of low fat. Its carbohydrates share amounts to about ten percent.

Nopal has numerous beneficial effects

Nopal juice helps strengthening the immune system, has mucus-dissolving effects to counteract respiratory issues, may stimulate the glandular functions, protects the gastric mucosa and acts as digestive. Also remarkable is its positive effect on lowering the blood sugar level. This is why Nopal is highly interesting for preventing cardio-vascular diseases and supporting the treatment of Diabetes mellitus.